Accredited Cookey Schools

stella-webAn introduction to accredited Cookery Schools by Stella West-Harling MBE, founder of the “Independent Cookery Schools Association” (ICSA) shares her thoughts on why cookery schools have become so popular.

“It has been said that Britain has the most cookery schools per capita than any other country. As a nation, we’ve come quite a way, given the routine sneers we were used to, that deemed us a foodie’s desert. Yet there has been an interest in cookery skills ever since Mrs Beeton wrote the world’s most successful cookery book and Mrs Marshall held her classes with up to 2,000 ladies in attendance in 1860.

Our recent love affair with cookery skills began at the turn of the new millennium. There has been an enormous increase in the number of cookery schools – to about 1,200 across the country. TV cookery shows draw huge audiences and live cookery demonstrations and food festivals inspire people in small villages and towns the land over. Our love affair with food crosses all boundaries – age, nationality, beliefs and gender. All are equal in the kitchen.

The Independent Cookery Schools Association was set up in 2013 to ensure that cookery schools meet the highest standards so that you know, if it is an ICSA school, it is an excellent place to begin your cookery journey. You’ll find us from Scotland to Devon.”

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